July 4, 1976 is 200 years of American independence from England.  The States of America.  Fugio.  54 carob copper.  500/2640 grams carob.  This makes 0.0225472768 pounds fugio copper.  Or 44.3512539838 fugio per pound copper.  This is $2.8470*0.0225472768 = $0.06419209704 per fugio.  Then, $1 = 15.5782416545 fugio.  Then, $10 = 155.782 fugio.  So, F1.00 = $0.06.  This is true.  Reading a book about Vannevar Bush.  Interesting.  From Provincetown.  Graduated Chelsea HS in 1909.  Went to Tufts.  Graduated in 1913.  Worked at GE in Schenectady NY for a year.  Then to Pittsfield GE plant.  Then got into Clark for a PhD.  Offered Acoustics.  Refused, and went to MIT for Engineering PhD.  Wanted to marry after getting his PhD at MIT to a girl he dated when at Clark, who went to Jackson College, the girls college equivalent of Tufts. 

Quahog shells.  I got involved in all sorts of stuff since 2005, push it aside.  Started the year at Foxwoods.  Ended the year at Boston.  Could have maybe avoided all of that if I had just gone to Fredericton.  He's named after George III's son Frederick.  They lost that war and left from here to Acadia, to what's now Fredericton, New Brunswick.  They named it New Scotland, this being New Ireland.